Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Week--Meet the Smith Family!

Thanks for joining us! We are so happy to welcome the Smith family to our blog this week! They are a fellow mid south family and we're excited to be part of their journey.  Phil and Niki Smith are adopting a beautiful daughter from China.  This is their 2nd adoption in a under a year!!  They are traveling to China next week to bring home their sweet 13 year old daughter.  She will be welcomed by her 2 sisters and brother.    Read more about this sweet family on their BLOG.  (<<check it out!)  Get your paypals ready and be prepared to love this's their video.

Meet the Smiths!                                                                                  

                                         LOVE THEM!


From Niki...

We have been called to adopt and completed our first adoption July 2012. Within a few weeks of being home from China we were called to adopt another daughter that is deaf-mute. We were tapped out on finances from our first adoption and to make things more interesting, our second daughter is 13 years old and will age out 3/9/2013 (just a few weeks & she will no longer be able to be adopted because she will be 14 years old). We are in a race with time to try and raise the funds within the next few weeks!  We have faith in our Maker and  for our journey and financial need to be met. 

I told you! I knew you would love them.  Let's bless them this week as they prepare to bring Guan Ya HOME to her family!  Go ahead and DONATE to them now. And will you also share their story on your own Facebook/Twitter/blog, etc? I knew you would.
Thank you for sharing with the Smith family. Have a wonderful week!

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