Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Monday

Well hello--great to see you!
Guess what?! The O'Dells brought their 2 children home from China last week! And, the Lewis' should be traveling very soon to get their new daughter from the Philippines. You were a part of their stories, so thank you! (missed giving to them? you can donate on their blogs)

Have you clicked on the other pages yet? Africa, the Caribbean and the US all have families this week. Do you have 3 dollars?  If so, you can help support their adoptions. They will be very grateful!

Update on my Gingermelon doll: turns out my sewing skills are a little lacking. (did I mention I've never sewn?)  My tiny doll head looks so cute, but the feet are cuh-razy.  (they make her look like a mermaid)  They need work, so I'll make that my project this week.  Or she'll just be a mermaid. But her teeny tiny little flowers in her hair are sooo sweet!

I'm sending a care package this week to Korea!! So exciting:) Stuffed elephant, dress, pictures of fun! It helps the wait go by a tiny bit faster.

Need to contact me? Want to be a family of the week? tonyagarrick5 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for giving.....your generosity is super special.

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