Monday, September 10, 2012

Adios Summer! (almost)

Hey there-thanks for stopping by our page! We have several families waiting in the wings, so check back soon for our family of the week. You can like us on Facebook, too. We like you, too! Have a dollar? The Hatfields, adopting from Africa would be grateful for it!

The temps are slowly dropping here.  I do mean slowly.  I live in the South, so it stays hot here for a while! But fall is super close! Yay!! What's your favorite fall tradition? College football? The beautiful fall colors? Visiting pumpkin patches? I love carving pumpkins with my kiddos. I can't wait to carve a girly pumpkin:)  I've tried to roast pumpkins seeds, but they never turn out right.

A few posts back, I mentioned some adoption etiquette Q and A.  Here's another point to ponder...

Adoption is expensive. A lot of people know that and wonder how you could afford it. They probably do not know about grants and fundraising opportunities-take a minute to pass along that info.  So, if someone asks about the price of your adoption, share only what you're comfortable with.  If you're the one asking the question, accept your friend/family member's answer, even if it's vague.  It's a similar question as "how much do you make?".  Some people are very private and some don't mind telling! To each his own, right?

If you're asking, this is what you may hear....
"Yes, it's very expensive!" 
"Not at all! We're rolling in the dough!" --this one is less likely to be heard;)
"It's a lot of money, but well worth it!"
"Yep. We are penny pinching like crazy!"
"Expensive?  Sure is! You want to help with that?"
"Thanks for asking. Here's a link to my fundraising page!"

So if you ask about $, you may want to have some cash in hand!;) 

Thanks so much for checking out our page. It was great having you here...stop by often! Adopting and want to be a family of the week on our site? Email me at tonyagarrick5 (at) gmail (dot) com
Have a great week!

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